11/2021 Grice Farm
  • 11/2021 Grice Farm

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    I painted this plein air at a friend of a friend's farm just outside Portland, Oregon on 11/13/2021. There's this beautiful big red barn with peacocks running throughout and a horse and a pony in the paddock. With some of the peacocks running through the barn, I liked imagining them running the farm. This was such a lovely place to escape to, I hope I brought some of that warm feeling to this piece so you can have a bit of it too.

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      • About the paper: https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/digital-fineart/fineart-media/natural-line/p/Product/show/202/1022.html.
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      • Orientation: Horizontal. 
      • Width x Height: 12" x 8".
      • Weight: 2 oz.
      • Unframed.
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